Men’s retreat

Do you really need to be lying on the death bed to realize what was really important in your life?
Do you need to end up with regrets that you didn’t remember and reflect, that you missed out the opportunity to live a meaningful life?
How can you be open to new ideas and new inspiration and live according to them, if you don’t die to your old self?

In our Men’s Retreats you have the opportunity to ask yourself important questions, face the challenge and resource yourself. To become a stronger, happier, and more responsible man. This is a chance to grow up and show up even deeper to the people you love.

To reflect on death is a very life-affirming thing.
The truth is that you don’t know how long you are going to live.
You have no idea.

But you can choose to make the best out of your life, however long it will last.
The question is, are you willing to do that?

During these days you will:

  • Put away your phone
  • Limit yourself to a surrounding of only men
  • Challenge yourself with Kundalini yoga and honest enquiry practice
  • Be in nature, and be with nature
  • Resource yourself and celebrate your rite of passage

You will come back home rejuvenated and stronger than before, so you can love even more courageously. 

This is our 10th Men’s Retreat. The purpose of these retreats are so that you can keep evolving, keep growing, and keep becoming a more and more mature version of yourself.

Physical growth happens by itself, and when you are 20 you are a physical grown-up whether you want it or not.

But mentally, emotionally and spiritually you need to actively take steps to make it happen. It doesn’t happen by itself. In this process you need to face challenges, you need to step out of your comfort zone, you need to face your inner limitations. You need to reach for your inner resources and wealth, and bring it up front.

When you are an emotional adult you have self-confidence, courage, stability, trust, and emotional strength. With this you will be a great resource for yourself, your family and your society.


• Kundaliniyoga and meditation • Gong relaxation & Sound healing
• Self-reflection, inner enquiry and sharing circles • Cold baths & Sauna
• Martial art games • Voice work
• Building trust with other men • Nourishing food
• Discovering and developing your relation to nature
• and more

The weekend is spent at Skeppsudden, a beautiful retreat center 2 hrs south of Stockholm. Surrounded by nature, the water and the heat of the sauna, we are close to the elements and the sensations in the body. In supportive community with other men, we explore different sides of ourselves, some known, some unknown.


Klas Landahl is a full-time teacher of Self-empowerment, Leadership, Health and Vitality, and Mental Strength. He is a Teacher Trainer where he educates, coaches, and trains Teachers in the transformational art of Kundalini yoga and Meditation. He is the founder and teacher at “Dharmans Väg”, a training program for serious spiritual seekers that wants Ultimate Freedom. He is a musician with many albums on Spotify, and the organizer of the 7 days Ängsbacka Yoga Experience.

He has worked with Yoga for Men for many years, and find this work immensely valuable.




Mateuz Krawiec is a Sound & Movement Artist, Yoga Teacher and founder of Yoga Village Festival. He is teaching in the Urban Om Yoga Teacher Training and holds Relaxation Gong Concerts in Stockholm. In his work he is looking for ways to create Union of Body, Mind & Awareness. His inclusive approach in the space he holds allows for people to explore many ways to come into a meditative state.

His background in Yoga and Sound healing as well as experience with dance, physical theatre, internal martial arts and movement practices open a broad landscape of possibilities for the participants.

“I graduated in law yet helping people to raise consciousness in organic ways became my purpose.”

LOCATION: Skeppsudden kursgård, Vikbolandet

DATES: October 13-15th
(starts Friday 17:00, ends Sunday 16:00)

PRICE RETREAT: Retreat cost 2.900 SEK.
We also offer a few low-income positions at 1.000 SEK + food/accomodation, please email us about this

QUESTIONS: klas@kundaliniyogacenter.se



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